The Quantum Department of Transportation

The Quantum Department of Transportation (or QDOT) is a Multiversal Transit Authority that uses advanced physics to transport its passengers across vast distances at great comfort and affordable prices. QDOT is the oldest and largest multiversal transit authority in known existence – with an operational history spanning 50,000 years. Our mission at QDOT is simple: Bringing worlds together, safely and on-time.

The only quantum transit

with 50,000 years of experience.

Using our famous Tave Route Access Mechanism (TRAM) System, every day we safely ferry billions of Commuters and Travelers to far-flung destinations throughout the multiverse, typically in a matter of seconds.

QDOT is led by our Council of Conductors, a diverse group of decision-makers who determine every aspect of the department's affairs, including: line expansion and maintenance, rules and regulations, station master allocation, TRAM harmonics, and scientific research and advancement. Superconductor General Oleander, a philosopher driver of the highest order, answers to this council.

The Council of ConductorsGeneral Oleander

The Council of Conductors

Superconductor General Oleander

With our recent opening of Convergence Station, Earth is now connected to a very special corner of the greater QDOT network: the Convergence of Worlds, or simply, Convergence.

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The Convergence of Worlds:

Or simply Convergence, for short. What exactly IS Convergence*? A convergence occurs when objects or beings from different regions of the multiverse instantaneously cross vast distances and fuse together momentarily – usually only for a zeptosecond before the merged matter reverts back to its normal state. But this convergence is unique – as these planets have remained meshed together.

A new reality was cobbled together in the blink of an eye, as mysterious forces brought pieces of four disparate worlds together. The citizens of Eemia, Ossuary, Numina, and the Immensity had never before been aware of each other – and in an instant they were pulled apart from their homeworlds and thrust together to carve out a new future. The cosmic immigrant story of the Convergence was born.

Earth & the Convergence

Interestingly, a “tether” or “rift echo” still exists from Denver to Convergence today. This tether has served as the “cosmic framework” and is the structure that QDOT has used to create the Denver TRAM Line, allowing us to open Convergence Station.

The Convergence of Worlds is very unusual, in that it is the only stable convergence in recorded history, and QDOT was there from the moment it happened. To read more about QDOT's Role in Convergence, click here.

*“Convergence” both refers to the event that formed this new world and the world itself.

QDOT's role in Convergence:

Since the Convergence occurred almost three decades ago, QDOT has always had a keen interest in this cosmic anomaly. And thankfully so, for the people of these worlds, for when parts of Immensity, Eemia, Ossuary, and Numina first converged, they were only tenuously connected. This collection of patchwork worlds seemed unsustainable. Many of our top scientists believe that the weak bonds between the worlds was the cause of the harrowing spate of memory storms in the early years.

The Convergence in its first year:

Thanks to QDOT’s sophisticated technology, we were able to permanently stabilize the bonds that connect these worlds and prevent the destruction of Convergence. Much of this is thanks to QDOT’s own Superconductor General Oleander, and his actions in those fateful first hours.

Today, aside from providing safe and timely transportation to and between the Converged Worlds, QDOT is on the front lines of isolating the cause of the Memory Storms – which have increased in frequency in recent months.

For more info on QDOT's Department of Mnemonic Research, check out our QDOT: Who We Are page.

QDOT – Who We Are

QDOT would be nothing without the people who make it all possible. Thanks to these brilliant leaders, engineers, and researchers we’re Bringing worlds together, safely and on-time.

QDOT's Council of Conductors

The Council Of Conductors sit atop the pyramid of QDOT's hierarchy. This collection of individuals are responsible for the very form and function of the universally admired Multiversal Transit Authority. Eclectic membership is achieved through both democratic and ritualistic processes that have been in place for eons. Steeped in tradition, the council still functions in esoteric ways such as holding meetings in a collective consciousness pod aboard the Dream Ship. Councilship can last up to 250 years and those who sit upon the pink embroidery and wear the tangerine fleece serve their post with sobering responsibility. In reverence, they speak the oath: Bringing worlds together, safely and on time.

General Oleander
General Oleander
QDOT Superconductor General

Superconductor General Oleander has lived a life devoted to transit. He was even born on a long-haul deep-space transport vessel. After spending much of the first ten years of his life in cryo-sleep, Oleander was rescued by a QDOT surveyor vessel responding to an automated emergency transmission. Facts surrounding Oleander’s parents remain scant, but the salvaged data logs show they were trying to return to their homeworld following a failed terra-forming expedition.

After his rescue, Oleander quite literally grew up within the loving embrace of QDOT's public transit apparatus. He was much loved by the village of Quantum Engineers who raised him – some of whom now sit on the Council of Conductors.

As a boy, Oleander took a keen interest in quantum transit. He always dreamt of returning to his parents homeworld – but as no records remained of the planet’s location, it was a dream he unfortunately would never be able to fulfill. Ever the selfless optimist, Oleander would instead devote his life’s energy into the mission of QDOT: bringing worlds together, safely and on-time.

Julius Finch
Julius Finch
Memory Research Director

Oleander’s protege, Julius Finch is the director of QDOT's Department of Mnemonic Research. This crucial branch has played an important role in understanding the complex way memory functions in the converged worlds. Fueled by the personal loss of a loved one during the convergence, Julius works tirelessly to reunite displaced peoples and memories as well as quell the damage inflicted by Memory Storms. Julius came from a brilliant family of scientists, but feeling sheltered in the family biodome he grew up in, he set out to study quantum marine biology at the prestigious Ri-Zyerson University. However, before Julius could finish his degree he was hand picked by QDOT's Superconductor General Oleander to join the esteemed ranks of QDOT.

Senior Memory Researcher

Chya joined QDOT just after the Convergence, in the Earth year 1994. And in that short span of the multiversal timescale, she has become an integral part of QDOT's efforts in Convergence. Even though the Memory Storms are still far from being fully understood, Chya’s research in the early years of Convergence was key to quelling the initial onslaughts of the psychic phenomenon. With the recent resurgence of Memory Storms, Chya is leading the charge for QDOT in trying to understand the root cause of the storms, and in keeping the memories of our riders safe. Fun Fact! Chya hosts the “Science of Convergence” video, playing in the Convergence Station lobby.

Tonal Preston
Tonal Preston
Earther Relations Liaison Officer

Tonal Preston, hailing from the planet Isocond, is QDOT’s Earth Relations Officer. Tonal is based in Denver to be the public face of QDOT. Tonal’s principal responsibility is to introduce new worlds to QDOT's multidimensional network. Tonal speaks more than 200 languages. She can navigate any political system. She knows the rudimentary biology of every major species QDOT has ever encountered. She holds several degrees, all in the humanities. She carries free TRAM passes for the lifeforms she meets and she never forgets a name.

Our brilliant teams’ hard work is ongoing!

For eons, QDOT has been Bringing worlds together, safely and on-time. And like the ever expanding multiverse – our important transit work knows no end!

QDOT Future Destinations:

A transit project millenia in the making...

QDOT is proud to unveil our most ambitious transit project yet! QDOT will soon provide instantaneous transit to any destination your heart desires: through a gateway we call The Last Stop.

Since our inception, QDOT has worked tirelessly to bring people together – safely and on-time. We’ve bent spacetime to keep our tickets affordable. We’ve broken the speed of light to shave a few seconds off your commute. We even managed to stabilize the Convergence in the first few hours of this unprecedented cosmic event.

And now we’re bringing you unfettered commuter access to literally anywhere in existence.
Made possible by harnessing powerful cosmic forces with the most sophisticated quantum transit technology, the Last Stop is a doorway to any planet, any universe. And it’s just around the corner.

Most importantly, the Last Stop is the gateway to the one place all Citizens of Convergence have yearned to return to for decades. The one place that has remained beyond our reach: home.

The Last Stop:

Our Future has arrived.