Convergence Station

You’re traveling to the Convergence: four alien worlds, joined together in a rare cosmic event – a place where memories are currency. Since converging unexpectedly a generation ago, the people of these four worlds have been forging new lives together, and invite you to join them in creating new memories. As you explore, you can weave your own threads into the evolving tapestry of the story of Convergence. Here are a few of the amazing things you can do on your upcoming trip:

Here are just a few of the things you can do on your adventure!

Travel the stars...

with biomechanical Navigators in the Ice Cities of Eemia!

Jam out...

in Rocket Cars with live music sequencers in the metropolis of C Street!


your voice beyond the 6th dimension at the ears of Numina!

Unlock knowledge...

the ancient library in the subterranean world of Ossuary!

Memories are currency...

Dive into the memory economy and unlock the deeper stories hidden in the QPASS Experience.

Want to Dive Deeper
into the Story?

While a QPASS is not required to engage with the rich art and cultures of the Convergence, this passport can unlock the hidden memories and deeper stories of these worlds, for those who are interested. (The complete QPASS Experience takes about 2 hrs) Learn more about the QPASS Experience below.

Convergence citizens and Travelers use their QPASS to collect and share memories at Convergence Exchange devices. Your group can purchase a QPASS upon entry to Convergence Station. Collecting memories with your QPASS allows you to unlock the deeper stories of these worlds. Your QPASS can also interact with certain alien technologies hidden within Convergence. For more questions about the QPASS Experience, click here.

Travel and
Service Advisories:

QDOT's Dept. of Mnemonic Research has issued an Orange-Level Memory Storm Alert. For more info on Memory Storms, go to our Service Advisory page.