Great news,

Your QDOT QPASS now allows you to collect and share memories within the Convergence Exchange!

What is the Convergence Exchange?

In Convergence, memory is currency. The Convergence Exchange is a cooperative run mnemonic market, brokering the sharing of Memories. To read about the history of the Convergence Exchange, click here.

What’s a QPASS, and why would I want one?

The QPASS is an optional RFID card that allows you to collect and unlock Memories at Convergence Exchange devices. These Memories allow you to discover more about the citizens of Convergence and explore the deeper stories of these worlds. (The complete QPASS Experience takes about 2hrs)

Where do I get a QPASS?

Your group can purchase a QPASS at the Info Desk in the Convergence Station Lobby. The best experience for families or small groups is to share one QPASS.

Do I need a QPASS?

No! Your QPASS is optional. It allows a deeper level of immersion into the story of these worlds –  but it’s not at all required to have an amazing journey.

How do I use my QPASS to collect Memories?

* Boop your QPASS at MEMports to collect fragments of memories—called MEMs—that have been lost by our citizens.

* The more MEMs you collect; the more Memories you unlock; the more stories and secrets you reveal. Memories can also be reunited with their creators.

How do I use my QPASS to access my memory inventory?

* To access your memory inventory: Boop your QPASS at any Memory ATM to review your inventory and all the info you've found on your journey thus far.

* To access your memory inventory on your mobile device: simply scan the QR code on your QPASS with your phone and log on from your browser. You can do this at home – or within the Convergence if Memory ATMs are busy.