History of the
Convergence Exchange:

As these four worlds turbulently collided with one another, Memory Storms echoed through the worlds causing countless memories, backstories, and personas to be scattered and displaced from the people of these newly melded worlds. The Converged Worlds were in disarray, but the intrepid citizens of Convergence discovered a unique solution.

The Convergence Exchange began as a modest community-run salon where lost memories were sought and returned, and new memories were shared via Oss: a crystal with memory encoding capabilities. Thanks in part to the tireless efforts of C Street organizer La Madrina, the Exchange soon blossomed into a robust volunteer-run banking operation. Citizens who had lost their priceless memories finally had a chance to find them once again – or to adopt memories and start lives anew!

Still powered by Oss technology today, the Convergence Exchange stands as a vast and bustling marketplace of this world’s unique memory ecology.