QDOT’s Dept. of Mnemonic Research has issued an Orange-Level Memory Storm Alert. Upon arrival at your destination, take care to ensure you have possession of all important memories.

Convergence is a unique travel destination, in part due to its unusual psychic weather patterns. When traveling throughout Convergence, you may encounter a Memory Storm.

A word on Memory Storms from QDOT’s Director of Memory Research, Julius Finch:

Memory Storms, while totally harmless, can be disorienting. You may experience the loss of a personal memory. Or you may inherit new memories from other beings within Convergence. If you think you’ve been affected by a memory storm... don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Once you arrive in Convergence you’ll be able to recall, view, and transfer memories at Memory ATMs. These kiosks are located throughout Convergence and will connect you to the Convergence Exchange network.

Use your QPASS to access memories within the Convergence Exchange network learn more about your QPASS and the Convergence Exchange here.

If you think you may have lost a memory in a Memory Storm, and you cannot find it in the Convergence Exchange network, please contact the nearest QDOT Transit Agent for assistance.

At QDOT your safety is our priority. We hope your travels are an experience you’ll never forget!